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Barnstead Nanopure Water Systems

Barnstead/Thermolyne is a premium manufaturer of laboratory water purification products. 

The Barnstead Nanopure is a series of water filtration systems that has been available for over 30 years. There were several different version of this available over the years. 

Nanopure IINanopure II Lab Water System

The Nanopure II is an older system manufactured by Barnstead/Thermolyne in the 1980's. These systems were available as a 3 and 4 housing version. You will find the replacement filters and other parts for the system in this section. 

Replacement Filters
How to change the filters in this device


Nanopure Bioresearch

Nanopure Bioresearch Lab Water System

The Nanopure Bioresearch is a popular system that is no longer manufactured. Originally manufactured by Barnstead/Thermolyne in the 1990's. These systems were also know as Nanopure quad systems. available as a basic type 1 lab system or as a UF system for pyrogen free type 1 water. There are many cartridge configuration available depending on the water quality you need and the feed water quality. You will find the replacement filters and other parts for the system in this section. 

We offer filters individually and in Kit form. We can usually save you a lot of money when you make order individual filters. Give us a call and we can make sure you order only the filters you need. The premade kits often force you to buy filters that you do not need. 

99% of these system would use 1 CF1801, 2 MB1801, 1 OS1801 and 1 FF0501 filters. These filters can be ordered as kit # B-CDDO2. This combination of filters will give you the water highest purity and would give you bacteria free, type 1 water with low levels of organic contamination.

Replacement Filters
Operations Manual 
How to change the filters in this device


Nanopure Diamond

Nanopure DIamond Lab Water System

The Nanopure Diamond water system is a standard unit for most laboratories. These units are available as a basic version, low organic version, pyrogen free version or an ultrapure low organic/pyrogen free system. Filter for this device can be found in this section. 

Replacement Filters
Operating Manuals
New Nanopure Diamond Systems can be found here


Nanopure Infinity 

Barnstead Nanopure Infinity

Barnstead has disconinued this system although we do still offer support, parts and replacement filters.

Produces up to 3 pt./min. (1.5L/min. of water virtually free of any contamination. System provides for adsorption, deionization, UV oxidation, and ultrafiltration. Automatic intermittent flush keeps impurities from forming on the ultrafilter surface. Water quality: pyrogen level, <0.001EU/mL; TOC, <2ppb; and bacterial level, <0CFU/mL. Water has no detectable RNase, DNase or DNA. With standard 10,000MW ultrafilter; and dual-wavelength (185 and 254nm UV lamp.

Replacment Filters
System Operating Manual
Other Comparable Units

Barnstead Nanopure Water Systems

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